Our Story

We are a group of young IT professionals who have been working & living abroad with our families for few years. However, at no point, each one of us didn’t let go the thinking of our homeland’s ailing situation. Individually, everyone thought of doing their share by contributing financially and even taking some initiative on his own but was never able to execute it.

Later, towards the end of 2014, we started sharing our ideas & ambitions with each other and in a very short span of discussions, we realized that we all have a common goal i.e. to take action ourselves and start the change we want to see in our society back home.

Having lived in the developed countries, we have learnt the basic rights for the citizens and especially the importance of children education in the transformation of the society.

In addition, teaching our own kids in the education systems here exposed us to new ways of learning and teaching for kids. It was drastically different from the education system we grew up with. It was focused on concept building, learning techniques & inducing interest rather than filling up papers.

Therefore, we decided to transfer the knowledge we gained from the society and education process here to our people especially to those who have no means to learn it otherwise and unfortunately form the biggest part of our community.