What we do?

We gather the children from urban slums, of cities like Karachi & Lahore, who are willing to learn but their families can’t afford to send them to schools and thus have ended up working as child labourer on less than 1$/day wage.

We on-board these children in our program where we prepare them to look at their future life and the possible opportunities differently by training them on:

  • English Reading - to the level where they can read and comprehend words & sentences by themselves.
  • Mathematics - practical use of basic Maths in our daily lives
  • Humanity - educating them on mannerism, compassion, tolerance, social responsibilities & the impact of their actions on others
  • Patriotism - inducing the love for our country by showing positive aspects of our existence and core values we need to adhere
  • Skill Development - we help them get trained in a field where later on they can earn independent livelihood

The program aims to prepare these kids to take on the world & their life later on with a stronger confidence and broad-minded approach while keeping the selfless attitude to think about others around them.