Our Team

Rezwan Iqbal (Co-Founder)

Rezwan has a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from University of Karachi and a Masters degree in Mobile & Satellite Communications from University of Bradford, England. He has been working in IT & Communications sector since 2006. After living and working in the UK for 6 years, he moved to Canada in 2010 and resides in Montreal.

A firm Nationalist, he believes that we can rise again, United and Educated. He takes inspiration from educational visions of Sir Syed Ahmed khan, fierce dedication of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and uniting poetry of Allama Iqbal.

Syed Kashif Riaz Zahid (Co-Founder)

Kashif, alumni of U.E.T. Lahore 2000 session, has been working in the IT & Communications sector on international level since 2004. After working for 4 years in Pakistan and Middle East, he moved to Canada, at the end of 2008, to progress in his professional career. The impact of kids, family and the society changed his perspective of life, happiness and his responsibilities for his country.

He aims to bring reforms in kids education and learning process in Pakistan by upgrading the traditional methods and processes used in our education sector to bring them up to 21st century standards.

Muhammad Awais Humayun (Strategic Advisor)

Awais has a Bachelors degree from GIK Institute of Engineering Sciences & Technology and a Masters degree from Concordia University, Montreal. He has been working in IT & Communications sector for last several years carrying out projects in various parts of the world.

Muhammad Omair (IT Advisor)

Omair holds a Bachelors degree in Comuter Engineering from Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology. For last several years he has been involved in various IT projects, from Game Development to Artificial Intelligence.